She Haunts This Place

Friday – Saturday, April 24-26
The Button Factory
25 Regina Street South, Waterloo, ON
7:30 pm
$10 per adult

Sunday is a special fundraising performance.

Corrie and Judy

Corrie and Judy

Since 1989, the Guild has been a forum for those who wish to work together to learn more about the art of storytelling. Among other things, we host Stories Aloud at the  Button Factory on the second Friday of each month, September to June, 8:00 – 10:30 p.m. Mission Statement

The Baden Storytellers’ Guild is dedicated to nurturing and sustaining the development of emerging and established storytellers. The Guild seeks to promote excellence in our art, deepen our understanding of Story, and develop in the general public an awareness of and appreciation for storytelling, both in daily life and as a performance art.

The Guild’s physical home is: The Button Factory 25 Regina Street South Waterloo, ON

The Guild is pleased to partner with The Button Factory, Joseph Schneider Haus and the Waterloo Region Museum. It has been invited to perform at the Toronto Storytelling Festival, the St. Marys Storytelling Festival and Steckle Farm.